You want to learn more about our affiliate program? This is where you will find all the details, from advertising material to commission payouts.


Commission types

We offer different commission types in our program:


CPL - Cost per Lead

You receive a fixed amount for each registration of the product. Regardless if the user becomes a paying subscriber.

Example (lead-commission of 15€ CPL): 5 leads per day = 75€/day = 2,250€/month = 27.000€/year.


CPA - Cost per Action

You receive a fixed amount for each user that installs the product software successfully.

Example (action-commission of 0,50€): 50 installs per day = 25€/day = 750€/month = 9000€/year.


CPO - Cost per Order

You receive a percentage of the turnover from every contract you broker (no payments will be made for orders which are cancelled or terminated).

Example (CPO-commission of 50%): 1 contact with an order value of approximately 80€/day = €1.200/month = €14.400/year.

Commission payouts

How? FriendlyDuck offers several different payout options. You can choose between bank transfer, Paypal and BitCoin.
You can see your commission statements under “Account“ in the Affiliates Area and print it out from there. You will also receive your commission statement in the form of a printable pdf file attached to a convenient and quick email a few days after the payment has been processed.

When? CPL commissions are paid between the 1st and 5th of each month, CPO commissions are paid between the 1st and 5th of the following month.
The exact payout day depends on your choosen payment method. The payouts for Paypal are processed on every 2nd working day of the month. Bank transfers take place on the 3rd working day of the month, BitCoin payments are being transferred on the 5th working day. Please note that it can take up to 5 days until a payment has been processed.

What? The minimum amount of commission that will be paid is € 50. In other words, you will receive a commission payment as soon as the commission you have earned reaches a minimum of € 50. Unpaid commissions are credited the following month.

Our cookies are valid for 31 days. Regardless if a user signs up or makes a purchase during the first visit of your website or only after 31 days: Every lead/ sale will be credited to your account.

Partner - Support

"As an affiliate partner your designated Account manager will be there to support you. Your Account Manager will be able to assistant you with technical problems and help with optimizations and the implementation of your ads. They will also keep you informed about up-to-date workarounds for the most current ad blockers (e.g. scripts and redirects) and help you to find an individual solution for your website. You will never loose another lead again!"
Your Account manager will also update you about special incentives or bonus programs. Of course, you are not obliged to work with your Account Manager. We support you in compliance with your wishes and requirements.

Advertising material

It is our goal to perfectly integrate the choosen ads in your website. Therefore we offer a wide range of banners as well as seasonal and promotional advertising material. We offer all standard sizes and our ads are responsive. On top of that, your Account Manager will recommend special campaigns and landing pages which might be profitable for your site. Banner Banner

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